About Limburginnoveert.nl

Limburginnoveert.nl is the website of the Innovative Entrepreneurship research group of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. The research group focuses on the research into – and development of new business models, revenue models and service processes that enable entrepreneurs to (continue to) exist within Economy 4.0: the digital economy.

What is and does the lectorate do?

The Innovative Entrepreneurship research group is situated within the University of Applied Sciences (its members include Astrid SchiepersMirjam UbachsBart RamsRobbert van der VleutenNina FijenRob BimmelDaniëlle TwardyWiel Hotterbeekx) and Miriam van Es (project support) and was led by lector Dr. Steven de Groot (in memoriam). Together with other experts, we conduct practice-oriented research within various organizations. This research is relevant to business, society and education. New insights and solutions about innovative entrepreneurship are made readily available in practice and translated into our education, in order for our students to always possess the latest knowledge.

Our mission

The mission of the Innovative Entrepreneurship research group is:
“Developing and disseminating new insights and solutions for practical issues related to innovative entrepreneurship in order to increase the innovative capacity of students (Zuyd-wide through practice-oriented education and research) and to reinforce the surrounding professional field (especially SMEs) within the (EU) region.”

The research group focuses on 2 lines of research, namely:
1) Business Development through multiple value creation (such as through circular entrepreneurship)
2) Digital Marketing (data-driven strategy and technology-enabled marketing)

It is our goal to develop and disseminate new insights and solutions for practical issues, such as innovative business models.

We are involved in several projects and studies, including:

  • How can social media be used as proficiently as possible within innovative entrepreneurship?
  • Which data do you need as an SME to achieve data-driven entrepreneurship?
  • Which strategies will help you survive the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How do you translate multiple value creation, such as circular entrepreneurship, into products and services?
  • Smart Innovation: Are you ready for digitization and the Internet of Things?
  • Selection of collaboration partners: How do you select a partner to collaborate with?

More information about the Innovative Entrepreneurship research group?

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